October 17, 2007

Mandolin music on KRFC 88.9FM Fort Collins, CO

Information on MandoScapes, a mandolin-only radio show out of Fort Collins, CO can be obtained here.
Explore the musical landscapes of the world of mandolin – classical, jazz, choro, swing, new acoustic, bluegrass, world, Cajun, contra dance, celtic, old-timey, gypsy and blues. Enjoy music from the mandolin family and related instruments from every continent, from the turn of the century, to music just released (or about to be)! This mix of music appeals to serious players of mandolin-family instruments, as well as folks who'd just like to enjoy music that swings, amazes, gives a chuckle, and inspires.
Go to the radio station directly for more information. They are interested in musical submissions for playing on the air.

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